A Year in Review and Our 2019 Goals

We’re reflecting on 2018 and setting our sights high for the new year

What a year it has been! 2018 was quite a wild ride. After relocating our office to the bustling West Loop in late 2017, we more than tripled our team’s size and expanded our services to include new video, analytics and UX/UI departments. Not to mention, February saw the arrival of the youngest Yak, James Logan, our Founder and CEO’s son. (Who is adorable, by the way!)

We believe that progress always starts with reflection. In order to move forward and make 2019 the best year yet, we want to take a moment to acknowledge the huge strides we’ve made and goals we’ve reached in 2018. Here’s a look back at some of our major milestones from the past year and how we plan to capitalize on the possibilities of 2019.

Website Redesign Projects

2018 was the year of website redesigns for Yakkety Yak. Our team orchestrated several massive website projects, overseeing the entire process from the very first designs to the final SEO touches. It’s always been our goal to work with clients and help them hone in on their message, create their mission statement and develop their voice. In everything we do, we always keep our client’s brand in mind, and major design projects are no exception! Your brand has a voice and a look that is uniquely yours–our team is fully equipped to help you bring your vision and brand image to life.

This year, be on the lookout for our new website! Yes, that’s right. We’re giving our look a little TLC and are excited to show you Yakkety Yak 2.0. We’ll be unveiling the site slowly, taking our time to make sure everything we put out there screams “Yakkety Yak.”

goat kid gif

Video Projects

Our video team was incredibly busy this past year, too. Not only did we launch the Yakkety Yak vlog, but our team produced countless videos for our clients. From interviews with world-renowned doctors to foundational clips that showcase the amazing work our clients do, video was a big part of our 2018.

One of our proudest and most impactful projects was a Giving Tuesday video we produced for the American Migraine Foundation. The foundation does so much to empower and support patients with migraine and a video highlighting the incredible community behind the #MoveAgainstMigraine campaign was the perfect way to share AMF’s mission with the world.

Moving into the new year, you can expect a heck of a lot more videos from us! Our goal is to show off the good looking people that make up our team and let them share their marketing expertise with you.

Yakkety Yak Gives Back: Our Nonprofit Initiative

In addition to expanding our team, we also partnered with new clients while continuing to elevate the level of work we do for our long-standing partners. At the end of last year, we partnered with Girls in the Game, a Chicago-based nonprofit that empowers young girls to be strong, confident women through sports. Since then, we’ve been working with Girls in the Game to create original content that aligns with their mission. This partnership is a part of our newest initiative, Yakkety Yak Gives Back.

We launched this program in the summer of 2018 with the sole purpose of giving back to the city that gives us so much. We were completely blown away by the organizations that applied and the people that made up each. Our team held a Marketing 101 workshop for several of these organizations, providing attendees with an introduction to content marketing and covering everything from hashtags to analytics best practices.

We’re beyond excited to continue this initiative in 2019 and help even more Chicago nonprofits expand their reach and share their mission. If you’re a part of a local NPO, stay tuned for when we open the 2019 Yakkety Yak Gives Back application. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram! We’re always sharing our top tips for content marketing that you can put into practice now. Got questions? Check out our blog for in-depth resources and step-by-step guides!

On behalf of everyone here at YY HQ, thanks for a spectacular year. We’re ready for all that 2019 has to offer and are excited to continue to share our story with you.

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