Year in Review: Looking Back at 2019

Taking stock of Yakkety Yak’s accomplishments over the last 12 months

It’s hard to believe that this year is coming to an end! From major international clients and huge billboard campaigns to new employees and multiple website overhauls, we’re so proud of all our accomplishments and we’re looking forward to hitting new milestones in 2020. 

Let’s delve into some of Yakkety Yak’s brightest highlights of 2019

Yakkety Yak Goes Global

We took migraine advocacy to the next level this year through our work with the World Federation of Neurology. WFN dedicated World Brain Day 2019 to migraine, giving us the opportunity to create billboards, participate in worldwide conference calls, promote migraine to more than 50 million people and take part in November’s World Congress of Neurology. At the World Congress of Neurology in Dubai, UAE, top scientists, public health experts and policy-makers gathered together to analyze significant scientific advances to transform neurological research into action.

Along with this, we put together a new website for IHS-GPAC— the Global Patient Advocacy Coalition. We set out to help patients easily access information about migraine and give advocacy organizations a toolkit for approaching businesses about offering relief and support to their affected employees. We also put together and presented a video about why supporting those with migraine is such an important initiative for businesses to embrace. 

Taking on Times Square

Back stateside, the American Migraine Foundation was offered the opportunity to promote their cause in New York’s Times Square. Yakkety Yak worked with the AMF team to create a billboard campaign that focused on the migraine community. 

Through a series of five displays, our team shared information and told the stories of real people affected by this widespread, debilitating and often misunderstood disease—putting a spotlight on migraine to the thousands of people who travel through Times Square each day. Our final billboard promoted World Brain Day, accessing a huge global audience for migraine awareness. For us, it was an opportunity to support a cause we care deeply about while also flexing our creative muscles throughout the production process. 

Total Website Overhaul

For our fifth anniversary, we gave ourselves the gift of a new website. We revamped our look to better match the Yakkety Yak brand and highlight more members of the Yak Pak. Our in-house team of designers flexed their creative muscles to create a UX/UI-friendly site that showcases our mission, vision and work examples. However, isn’t the only fresh face to come out of 2019—one of our clients, Ashland Breast Pumps, also received a total rebranding, renaming and relaunching. We set out to provide breastfeeding moms with the best experience possible. 

Multimedia Branding Success

This year we launched season one of Windy City Nanny, a web series centered around author and national childcare expert Florence Ann Romano. Along with assisting in the production of 12 episodes, we put together a multi-platform campaign, including active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts. Through this campaign, we reformatted and expanded Florence Ann’s brand to better-fit a new audience, and helped spread her message of letting love in while parenting. 

A Growing Team

Continuing our theme of expansion in 2019, the Yak Pak has grown in numbers. We gained a number of talented and innovative employees, including VP of Strategy Sarah Kellogg, VP of Accounts Warren Legner, Art Director Baltazar Rosiles and Associate Content Strategists Morgan Gallas and Maribel Leddy. This positions us to tackle larger projects and take on more clients in 2020 and beyond. If you’re interested in working alongside the Yak Pak, check out our open positions here.  

This was quite the year for Yakkety Yak, and we can’t wait to find out what the new one has to offer. Let us help you make next year your company’s best yet—contact us today to launch your 2020 strategic marketing campaign!

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