What the Yak Pak’s Talking About While Social Distancing

Here’s how we’ve been dealing with COVID-19 as we adjust to working from home

It’s been a crazy time for everyone, including all of us here at Yakkety Yak. When March first began, we had no idea we’d be trading the office for our individual WFH spaces to help #flattenthecurve. But in wake of COVID-19, we’ve been adapting as best we can through morning roll-call emails, video chats and sharing our favorite quarantine memes. Here are a few of the ways we’ve been staying sane while practicing safe social distancing.

Surviving Social Distancing Warren 2

Warren Legner, VP of Accounts — Getting Through the Season One Fantasy League at a Time

With baseball season sadly but understandably delayed, Warren has been getting his fix by preparing for the fantasy draft. If you’re into sports and fantasy league content, you’re in luck—sites such as ESPN and Yahoo Sports are pumping out tons of content to keep you engaged while sharing inside knowledge about your favorite teams and players, even while they’re unable to play. During this stay-at-home period, Warren’s been enjoying breakdowns all about the best bounce-back candidates, prospects to have on your radar and busts to avoid this year. 

While his own league has been put on hold as they wait for baseball season to wind up again, Warren has been using this extra time to listen to fantasy baseball podcasts. His favorite, Fantasy Focus Baseball, pulls the listener in with their catchy jingle, fun banter and deep baseball knowledge. 

With sports paused and nothing to watch on ESPN, Warren reflects that it’s a unique time to consider new ways to continue doing the things you love.

Surviving Social Distancing Heather B.

Heather Budimulia, Content Strategist — A Journalistic Approach to Social Distancing

Heather B. left us all wondering whether we’d hear from her in these upcoming weeks or not, as she famously didn’t have the internet at her apartment. She made this choice when moving into her current studio partially because she finds it helps her maintain a better work-life balance. So when Yakkety Yak began the current remote-work policy, Heather scrambled to get the internet up and running with the help of friends and internet providers.

However, just because she has internet access at home now doesn’t mean she’s going to fall into old binge-watching habits. Instead, Heather’s using social isolation as an opportunity to reapply herself to journaling. This daily practice brings her peace, and in these crazy times, she strongly recommends everyone tries it out. Her words of wisdom? 

“Journaling can look like whatever you want it to,” says Heather. “Don’t get hung up on penmanship or whether your journal is leather-bound enough. Just start a note on your phone and GO—typos OK.”

Sean Froelich, Video Producer — Purposeful and Creative Skill Expansion

While at home during this pandemic, Sean has been using some time to further develop his animations skills using Udemy. These heavily discounted courses offer a massive treasure trove of lectures on all kinds of subjects, allowing you to learn from the experts on your own time.

Sean is currently taking an Adobe After Effects course that’s over 40 hours long—and no, he doesn’t plan to cram through it like its finals week at college. Instead, he’s able to take his time, immerse himself in the lessons and take advantage of the awesome wealth of information right at his fingertips. Sean’s excited to broaden his skill set and apply it to producing epic content for Yakkety Yak videos in the future—so keep an eye out for exciting content to come!

Social Distancing WFH Ashley

Ashley Logan, Founder and CEO — Setting Up for Success While #WFH

So far on this unexpected journey, Ashley has been the glue holding Yakkety Yak together. Busy running a tight ship both for her employees and our clients, Ashley’s goal has been to work out a system that enables us all to communicate easily and effectively and help each other stay sane while social distancing. This involves checking in with the team by video and chat and scheduling creative brainstorming sessions as we work to figure out solutions to any issues our clients encounter during this sudden and strange situation. 

She shared a video all about working from home during the coronavirus and encouraged us to schedule lunch and walk breaks so that we don’t blur the lines even further between home and work. It’s the little things that help us all keep some normalcy in our lives. 

“While it can be so tempting to wear pajamas to work and tackle your tasks from a couch, it feels mentally better to set some goals and boundaries,” says Ashley. 

Another of Ashley’s new implementations are morning roll-call emails that emphasize the importance of routine. Topics have spanned everything from participating in random acts of kindness to holding innovation contests to sharing our favorite coronavirus-related memes, plus daily reminders to reach out if we need support.

Team Yakkety Yak is all about being there for each other and for our clients during these uncertain times. Contact us today if you’re looking for full-service digital marketing support to help communicate effectively to your audience.

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