Why You Need an Explainer Video

Why You Need an Explainer Video

by Team Yakkety Yak May 09, 2018

If you’re going to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, start with an explainer video.

Video is the future of marketing — and the future is happening right now. According to VidYard’s 2017 benchmark report, most businesses have an average of 293 videos in their content library and post an average of 18 videos per month.

So, if your business isn’t churning out video content yet, an explainer video is the perfect way to dip your toe in the water. Here’s what it is and how to use it to attract attention for your business.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short marketing video that explains what your organization does in a way that sets you apart from the others in your industry. The goal is to make them equal parts fun and informative. Your audience should be able to watch until the end and leave with a thorough understanding of your business. It might sound simple to make, but condensing your entire mission statement into a punchy, minute-long video can be a bit tricky. Here are our tips for getting it done.

Make It Short

Brevity is the most important thing for a good explainer video. No matter how great your video is, 20% of people will click out within the first 10 seconds. That means you need to start strong and end fast. Don’t waste time with a frilly introduction. Get right into the meat of what you’re want to say and try to keep it under a minute. Need an example? Check out this video we made for our client, Ashland Women’s Health.

Make It Informative

The goal of your explainer video should be to guide people through the early stages of their buyer’s journey. Concentrate on the value you’re providing the customer, rather than the sale you’re trying to make. Once the video is ready to share, make sure to place it near a call to action, at the front and center of your homepage or landing page.

Make It Creative

Video opens new doors for visual creativity. Use that to your advantage and think outside the box. Try to evoke some kind of emotion out of your intended audience, whether it’s through humor or powerful imagery, to help people form a connection to your brand. Ultimately, the video should effectively communicate your brand’s culture and core values, so make sure the tone of your script, color palette, graphics, voice, and character all work together to tell your story.

At Yakkety Yak, we love video. That’s why we have a whole in-house team dedicated to creating content for ourselves and our clients. If you need help rolling out your video marketing strategy, contact us. We’d love to lend a hand.

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