Top Tips to Hack Pinterest for Your Business

Top Tips to Hack Pinterest for Your Business

by Team Yakkety Yak February 21, 2018

Understanding how a “pin” becomes a lead is essential to getting the most out of this social media network for your business

With more than 200 million users, Pinterest has built an audience of planners who are preparing for events and projects, and searching for products and services that will help. Which is good news for business owners, since 75% of saved Pins are from businesses. Having a strategic presence on Pinterest is crucial to standing out on this platform, which translates directly to leads, and to new business. With these four strategies and one resource, you can learn to advertise your business to these users and succeed on Pinterest.

How to Optimize Pinterest posts for business

Select “Female” and “Unknown” to Target Women

A vast majority of Pinterest’s users are female, which makes it a no-brainer for brands seeking to connect with women and girls. When you target by gender, your options include “female,” “male,” and/or “unknown.” But here’s a pro tip: “unknown” includes users that joined Pinterest when it launched, before the platform requested information about gender, and according to Pinterest, most of them are women. Based on this intel, advertisers should select female AND unknown when targeting ads towards women. Otherwise your Promoted Pins may be excluding some of Pinterest’s most loyal users — who have proven they’re willing to adopt new products and services.

Use One-Tap Promoted Pins for Quantity and Two-Tap Promoted Pins for Quality

In October of 2016, Pinterest introduced One-Tap Promoted Pins. Before, Two-Tap Promoted Pins required users to click a Pin to view it, and then click it again to open the hosting website. Now, with One-Tap Promoted Pins, advertisers have the option to drive traffic directly to their website in one click — which may not sound like a lot, but trust us, it’s a game-changer. If you want to drive high-quantity traffic to your website, One-Tap Promoted Pins decrease the friction that keeps users from navigating to your site. If you want to add a barrier to filter only high-quality traffic, Two-Tap Promoted Pins force users to consider the Pin again before they decide to click through.

Change the Description of Pins, But Keep the Engagement During Promotions

Unlike on Facebook, when you change the description of a Promoted Pin, you keep the previous engagement earned by earlier versions of that same Promoted Pin. Advertisers can use this edit option to their advantage during promotions by increasing the discount or altering the descriptions of Promoted Pins that have gained momentum to amplify their impact.

The more you understand the subtleties of each individual social platform, the better you can use it to your advantage. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all have different audiences to offer and different tools to help you reach them. We can help get your brand in the right timelines in exactly the right way. Contact us today — let’s YAK about it.

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