Successful Partnerships with Nonprofits

How a nonprofit partnership can benefit your brand

Contribute your skills while giving back to your community by partnering with a local nonprofit organization and you’ll find that benefits to your business will follow. Nonprofit partnerships give brands the opportunity to grow, increase revenue and build valuable industry relationships. They can also align your brand name with a reputable organization, allowing your brand to shine alongside theirs. Last but not least, partner programs bring endorsements and testimonials that can increase the credibility of your brand.

No matter your goals, a nonprofit partnership is sure to offer opportunities to grow your business and hone your abilities. According to Monster, corporate volunteerism comes with a bevy of benefits, from skill building and increased productivity to stronger interdepartmental cooperation and personnel retention.

To start your next partnership off on the right foot, Andi Summers, Yakkety Yak’s account director, covers the ins and outs of a nonprofit partnership, from benefits and best practices to the process of building a successful partnership.

Benefits of an NPO Partnership

There are tangible and intangible benefits to a nonprofit partnership. “You can flex your skills and think further out of the box because these partnerships offer those opportunities,” says Andi. Along with improving current abilities, nonprofit partnerships give you the chance to learn new skills that you can then develop into a profitable service.

Nonprofit partnerships also offer a great opportunity to provide additional experience and exposure to interns or employees early in their careers. “We want to give supervised responsibility to our interns to let them take ownership in their work,” says Andi. “This gives them valuable experience while the nonprofit receives high-quality work. It’s a win-win.”

In Deloitte’s Volunteer Impact Research, 89% of employees believe that companies that “sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those that do not.” Employees want to engage with and improve their community, and nonprofit partnerships give them the opportunity to do so during work hours. Plus, working with a not-for-profit organization shows that you care about your community and the people in it, which can translate to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates.

“Every Yak is so talented, so if we have the opportunity to better our community and help an organization we believe in to succeed, why wouldn’t we do it?” says Andi. “That’s the Yakkety Yak way.”

Nonprofit Partnership Best Practices

Andi stresses that when working with a nonprofit partner, you should treat them as you would any other client. “Give your partners the time and respect they deserve, just like all of your clients,” says Andi. “Don’t promise and not deliver. They’re giving their time and resources to work with you, and in exchange, you must supply them with a service. Everyone should feel heard, understood and respected.”

Because nonprofits offer services that benefit specific communities and demographics, it’s vital that your partnership efforts are laser-focused on their target audience. Plot twist––nonprofit organizations typically have two target audiences: (1) the people they serve and (2) their constituents, or donor population. The tone, voice and messaging will differ between the two groups, so ensure that your partnership plan clearly outlines the target audience and key messaging to use.

Building a Partnership

First and foremost, focus on your passion. Partnerships should feed your passion and align with your interests. Choose organizations that excite you, fit your values and make an impact.

“As a women-run and -owned business, we at Yakkety Yak have a special place in our hearts for advancing women and girls,” says Andi. “As you narrow down which organizations fit your criteria, you should assess your skills. For example, we are a full-service agency, so we bring a variety of talents to a partnership.”

Set your goals for the partnership based on the skills you have to offer. Defining your goals will ensure that this partnership is equally beneficial for you and your partner. “Our goals typically include networking and creating meaningful work that helps us build our skill set and allows us to try new things,” says Andi.

From there, reach out to different organizations with information on what the partnership will entail or post about your partnership program so nonprofits can reach out to you.

Learn more about our nonprofit program here. If you’re interested in our work, head to our Services page.

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