Sharing Your Company’s Social Media Content

Tips for boosting employee interaction on your company social media platforms

Trying to keep employees off of social media during the workday is like trying to keep them from breathing. Instead of working tirelessly to regulate your employees’ use of social media, as content marketers, we suggest promoting social media use and encouraging their engagement with the company on different social platforms.

Why? Because when it comes to professional social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, engagement is the key. In fact, the success of a business’s social media presence is heavily based on organic engagement. By asking employees to play an active role in liking, sharing and commenting on your contact, it will expand the reach of your company messaging. Plus, it creates a platform for increased employee engagement.

Here are 7 tips to get you and your employees to engage with your company’s social media presence online

1. Encourage social media use.  Emphasize the importance of employee involvement for the brand’s performance on social media. Make it known that you want team members to engage on social media through comments, likes and shares. Sometimes a simple “ask” is all it takes.

2. Set up a social media task force. Get a small group involved in different aspects of the social media strategy so you know you have a few committed followers consistently spreading the word by liking, sharing, and commenting on your page.

3. Promote your team digitally. Feature your team members in employee of the month posts on social media, tag them in project photos, or give them some praise on their page to support them for being a part of the team.

4. Put it in their hands. Set up “social media takeovers” for your team member’s to take over the company account for a specified period of time, a day or a weekend. Allow them to put their own touch on the company’s social media,with branding, voice and consistency in mind, of course.

5. Present interaction opportunities. Ask simple questions that will trigger a response from your followers. For example: “What was your favorite product released this year? Comment below.” or “‘Like’ if you’re ready for the weekend!” By asking your team to lead the charge on interaction, other loyal followers will follow suit.

6. Make business pages accessible. Encourage all employees to add the company’s social media channels to their company email signature. Also add channels to your website and publications for easy accessibility for both employees and clients.

7. Educate your team on social media best practices. Not everyone speaks the social media lingo, so create a social media cheat sheet for employees new to these platforms that need a little extra help, or host a “Twitter Talk” so everyone can test the waters together.

Likes and shares are extremely important for your brand’s social media presence and are more than likely part of your engagement goal in your social media marketing strategy. Rather than beating up employees for using social media at work, encourage them to embrace it by contributing to your brand’s social media content. Not only will your team be happier, they will help your business increase its reach. If you need assistance developing a social media strategy your employees will love, contact us to get started.

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