People consume content in a variety of ways. We want to meet your audience wherever they are—be it through podcasts, videos, .gifs, or another medium. The multimedia production team hits pause on static advertising to tell your story in a captivating way. Podcasts are perfect for getting into the headphones or speakers of your audience, while product and promotional videos work across a variety of platforms, like bite-sized clips on social media or embedded video in email. Because every member of your audience isn’t at the same exact point in the buying journey, we recommend using multimedia to engage the audience at any stage. By partnering with Yakkety Yak, multimedia can become a staple of how you tell your brand’s story.

We propose strategic topics. Whether your goal is to entertain, educate, influence or activate, the multimedia content should reflect your brand’s voice and tone and strive to exceed strategic goals.

We draft scripts, define the creative direction and record. In this step, we iron out the details and put words into action to create your media.

Then, post-production and review. The final step is the content roll-out strategy—because what good is a rocking video if the right audience never views it?

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