Digital advertising pushes content out to a larger audience through paid advertising platforms. Paid ads help build audiences and extend a brand’s reach, meaning brands with modest followings can pay to get in front of a larger group. Through SEM, display and social ads, pay-per-click, Google Grants and more, digital advertising at Yakkety Yak uses strategically placed ads to get the biggest bang for your buck so brands can remain at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

The customizations within these platforms allow advertisers to narrowly or broadly define many aspects of the target audience. The digital advertising team at Yakkety Yak uses audience data to determine the best platforms to advertise on, then develops campaigns that fit into any strategic plan. Our team dives deep into the numbers to improve performance and fill gaps, making your ad dollars well-spent.   

How We Do It

We pick the platforms. Our team Identifies the best digital advertising platforms to reach your target audience, while beginning to outline the campaign goals.


We define your campaign needs. In this step, we determine the budget, audience parameters and more to precisely target your audience.


We analyze and optimize. Using data, we continue to improve our ads to achieve better performance, and more results for you.


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