Website design, custom content and calls-to-action are all ways of generating leads. Prospective customers or clients should have a website path that guides them to a conversion, such as filling out a contact form or making a purchase. From email list building and management to downloadable guides and workflow design, at Yakkety Yak we’ve got lead management and generation down to a science.

Our approach to lead generation is centered on inbound marketing—the strategy of giving potential clients resources to help them make informed decisions. Through quality, informative content, potential customers opt into giving their contact information because they want to receive more resources. Lead nurturing will help those along the buying journey to access the resources.

Nurture lead. Build a relationship as a resource for the potential customer through informative content and thoughtfully placed calls-to-action.

Opt-in. To gain more resources, sign up for a newsletter or enter a giveaway, a nurtured lead feels comfortable giving their contact information.

Nurture to conversion. Send newsletters, content offers and other marketing materials to get the lead to convert.

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