Email marketing brings your message directly to your audience. Strategically emailing your audience helps nurture the relationship with your brand and keep you and your audiences connected. Email strategy at Yakkety Yak joins together research, content and design best practices to get a message to your audience. Through embedded video, visually stunning layouts, compelling copy, effective subject lines, A/B testing and more, our team optimizes every detail of your email to increase your open and click-through rates. From list management and nurture marketing to content generation and newsletter creation, our team breaks through the clutter of an inbox to tell your brand’s story.

How We Do It

We focus on your message’s purpose. Every email send should be purposeful—useless emails end up in junk or unsubscribed. Our team members become experts in your brand and messaging, and make sure your emails pack a punch.


We ensure it’s visually appealing. Eye-catching and aesthetic emails out-perform bland emails. Our team guarantees your emails will both inform and impress.

We create calls to action. Your email should bring your reader to action, whether they are reading more, collecting an offer or engaging in another action item that fits the email’s goal.

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