Customized Digital Strategies

to Reach Your Goals

Digital marketing services shouldn’t be one size fits all. Your organization is uniquely designed with your target audience in mind, and so is our approach. We fuse high-impact storytelling, eye-catching design and in-depth analytics data to develop a fully integrated digital strategy tailored to your goals. From content creation to website development and beyond, we help businesses, brands and nonprofits connect with the right audience on the right channels.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy

In order to reach a target audience effectively, you have to know who they are and what channels of communication they use. Our approach to brand strategy navigates all elements of visual and written communication to make sure your message resonates with the right audience.

Content Creation

Content helps brands stand out, rank higher and make an impact. We create smart, creative content to keep your audience engaged. From blogs to emails to marketing materials—we do it all. Then we analyze ROI, evolving our content and channels to make sure what we deliver performs.


In order to reach a target audience effectively, you have to know who they are, where they hang out and how to reach them. Our approach to brand strategy navigates all elements of visual and written communication to drive the most effective results for our clients.

Graphic Design

Our expert graphics design team skillfully combines requirements, aesthetic and nuance to create eye-catching designs that inform and establish your brand. Whether it’s a branding refresh, new custom logo, social media graphics or something else—we’ve got you covered.

Website Design

Web design fits into any business strategy as an arm of your marketing and sales teams, guiding users further through the marketing funnel. Our team builds inspiring, intuitive websites strategically developed to enhance user experience and convert leads.

Email Marketing

From lead generation and list management to content generation and newsletter creation, our team breaks through the clutter of an inbox to tell your brand’s story. Email strategy at Yakkety Yak joins together research, content and design best practices to connect with your audience.

Paid Search

Digital advertising pushes content out to a larger audience through paid ads on Google and other search providers. These ads help build your audience and extend your brand’s reach. We dive into the numbers to improve performance and fill gaps to make sure your ad dollars are well-spent.

SEO Services

Structuring your content for SEO not only helps more users land on your website but also delivers a meaningful user experience. We start with keyword research. Then, we take our findings and build out quality content that offers what searchers are looking for.

Social Media Marketing Services

Effective social media management is less about status updates and more about furthering your marketing strategy. We merge creativity and data insights to build interactive social media campaigns that align with your strategic marketing goals.

Video Production

People consume content in a variety of ways. We want to meet your audience wherever they are—be it through podcasts, videos, .gifs, and more. The multimedia team hits pause on static advertising to tell your story.

Virtual Event Production

Every successful virtual event begins with a customized strategy for your audience to learn and engage. We execute unforgettable experiences for your audience, whether you’re planning a virtual fundraising gala or a global conference.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

We execute metric-driven creative that converts. Our years of experience in e-commerce and lead generation enable us to build Facebook and Instagram Ad strategies that work together to save you time and advertising dollars.

What We Do

Find Your

Audience Online

We position you to reach your audience through attention-grabbing branding, user-focused website design, engaging social media posts and visibility in organic search results. From inspiring websites strategically designed to enhance user experience to engaging content that will reinforce your followers’ brand loyalty, we can help you appeal directly to your audience’s values and needs.

Integrated Digital Marketing

and Cross-Channel Collaboration

Having a fully integrated digital strategy is about more than just internet marketing. It’s about making sure your brand and messaging is consistently reinforced across all the places users may encounter you online. We work together to identify which channels are best suited to reach your target audience and ensure digital marketing efforts are aligned across all platforms. 


Our collaborative teams bring different areas of expertise to your custom marketing strategy in order to cast a wider digital net. This helps us engage your audience at various stages of the conversion funnel with services that target their specific values and needs.

Driven by Data

and Analytics

All of our decisions are data driven and backed by comprehensive analytics and reporting. We use every available tool to better understand how your audience is interacting with you online and adjust your strategy accordingly. This includes everything from monitoring your keyword rankings and site traffic to shifting social strategy in response to industry trends or important conversations in your field. 


This reliance on data influences more than just your content strategy. Our team of web developers use analytics to inform design decisions, ensuring your website and UX design are aligned with your goals. To learn more about any of our digital marketing services and how we can help expand your reach online, get in touch with us today.