SEO Red Flags

SEO Red Flags

by Team Yakkety Yak February 28, 2018

Avoid getting duped by fake SEO “strategists” with these tips

SEO is crucial to brand visibility and the growth of your business, but it’s based on many complex concepts and strategies that can make it difficult for a layman to understand. It’s a mixture of art and science. Unfortunately, that nuance makes it easy for unscrupulous “strategists” to take advantage of businesses looking for help boosting their rank in search. Here are the top red flags that indicate your SEO “gurus” may not be doing what they promised:

  • They speak in abstracts & lack metrics

    So they say they’re “no. 1.” Number 1 in what? The only thing you should care about is how they have performed for their existing clients. Ask for deliverables and proof of growth on established metrics like lead generation, reach and most importantly — revenue.

  • They won’t discuss their methods

    Google’s page-ranking algorithm is a closely-guarded secret; your strategists’ methods to work around it shouldn’t be. Search engine optimization involves an established set of best practices like keyword research and link-building. If they aren’t discussing those in detail, be wary.

  • They make specific page/rank guarantees

    The reality of SEO is, there’s no way to guarantee a position on a Google (or any search engine) results page, and even if you have a great spot now, it could change tomorrow as Google retools its algorithms. Focusing too narrowly on your site’s page rank is a sign of inexperience and small-picture thinking. SEO should be part of a broader marketing strategy and focused on key KPIs that are more meaningful than rank number.

We try to share these tips with all our new hires ASAP, but unfortunately our new intern got scammed before our SEO analyst, Curtis, could teach him what’s what:

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