The Power of Video Marketing

Videos are among the most powerful tools brands can use to capture customers’ attention

If the 1970s was the era of the Pet Rock, then consider today the era of video marketing—only with a much better return on investment. However, unlike the Pet Rock, video’s relevance and longevity doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. But just because video is everywhere we turn online, does that make it very valuable? Simply put: Heck yes!

Here’s why: 

  • 87 percent of marketers use video as part of their digital marketing strategies in the last year alone, according to Wyzowl’s
  • 54 percent of online consumers reporting they actually want even more video content, according to HubSpot
  • Animoto’s 2018 “State of Social Video Marketer Trends Report,” says that 73 percent of consumers claim videos have influenced them when making purchasing decisions
  • Audiences are 95 percent more likely to remember a brand’s call to action after a video. 
  • Users spend 88 percent more time on a website with videos, as compared to those without, according to Forbes. 
  • 88 percent of video marketers have reported being satisfied with the ROI of their videos’ success on social media. 

Not only do videos give consumers what they want in terms of content type, it’s also shown huge value for marketing departments. Between YouTube and Facebook alone, billions of online consumers are regularly scrolling through content, waiting to be compelled by dynamic and high-quality videos from their favorite brands. 

When Video Works Well

The key to solid video work is to integrate it fully into your organic marketing strategy. Our favorite example of this is a project we collaborated with Kindred Content and American Migraine Foundation to complete. 

The video was part of its “Move Against Migraine” education and advocacy campaign. We asked real people living with migraine to “Picture Yourself Without Migraine.” Yakkety Yak Video Producer Sean Froelich says the team was inspired by successful documentary-style video marketing campaigns that “stripped away any bells and whistles to present a story that was more vulnerable, down to earth and revealing.”

“We wanted viewers to see the production crew as they interviewed those living with migraine,” he explained. “This was real—no mystifying here. I think the authenticity is what resonated.”

We integrated the video into AMF’s social media, blog content and digital advertising strategy, specifically targeting audiences on Google and YouTube in the “Headache & Migraines” segment option. Within the first month, Yakkety Yak’s Senior Business Analyst Chris Mueller reported the video had an impressive 20,000 views—with 10 percent of viewers watching the full 2:34 video in its entirety. 

“This made us happy because we were promoting a 2:34 video, so 2,000 full-length views impressed us and showed how powerful the video was,” Mueller said. What’s more—the video’s CPV (cost per view) showed great value for the client at $0.04 per viewer, less than half the average cost.

“This told us a few things: The competition in the market we targeted was not strong, and the audience in this market is engaged with our content,” Mueller added. “This is a strong indicator that we should invest more effort into our video. It’s an affordable way to get out key messaging, and this is content that people want to see.”

This video also prompted us to create a shorter, branded video that has proven to be successful as well, seeing the same $0.04 CPV with a 25% video completion rate. The addition of video content to our client here has been a major factor in Move Against Migraine’s success and in establishing the American Migraine Foundation as leaders in this market.

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