Outsourcing Your Business Blog

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Blog

There are hundreds of arguments for your business to have a blog, but thinking about all the steps you have to doing it well—idea generation, consistent content, an organized calendar, posting on your website, SEO, social media promotion—can feel overwhelming. You think there has to be an easier way, but outsourcing your business blog feels like a daunting process, so you defer the whole blogging thing altogether.

We understand this thinking. It’s not uncommon for our clients to challenge us with such questions and concerns, but every time they do, we bring up these key points.

The 5 reasons why it’s okay to outsource your business blog

Takes a journalistic approach

The right content marketing firm will take a journalistic approach to writing your company blog. This means that each blog post is well-researched, accurate, timely, and relevant. A journalistic approach will take the most technical of topics and transform them into palpable and engaging stories that speak directly to your target audience and customer.

Understands the art and science of a blog post

From drafting headlines to filling the post with compelling content, there is an art to how a blog post is written, structured, and promoted. Investing in your blog writing so that it is done from the trusted hands of experienced content marketers and writers will make certain that each post has ample readability and masterfully draws attention to your website and business.

Saves you time

Running your business shouldn’t mean taking time away to draft, edit, and publish quality blog content every week, especially if you don’t enjoy it. Working with an external party to run your business blog will allow you to focus on your unique and valuable expertise, while your content team focuses on theirs. And if you do enjoy writing, it’s easy to work with a content marketing company to create storylines and write content on your own, while saving significant time from editing, posting, implementing SEO, designing graphics, and promoting.

Applies your expertise

We understand that what you know and how you approach your business is unique and valuable, which is why your expertise will always be portrayed throughout your business blog posts so readers see you as an expert thought leader in the industry. Our content marketing strategy allows you to have hands-on editing and approval power. This means storylines get run by you, quotes get pulled from your very insights, and the written voice will mirror your vision.

Keeps things on a schedule

As a business owner, we’re sure you appreciate the value of keeping things consistent and on schedule. The best way to run a successful blog is by writing and posting regularly, but your calendar shouldn’t have to depend on that. Instead, work with a content team to stick to a strict schedule, and allow someone new to take on the writing tasks and uplevel your business blog. When you work with an external blog writer, you will find that everything miraculously gets done accurately and on time, and there’s nothing better than that, in business.

Whether you need more time to work on your business or you’re not sure you’re cut out for the full responsibilities of blog posting, hire someone else to run your business blog, like a content marketing firm. Yakkety Yak takes a full-service approach to helping you grow a trusted and respectable online presence. Visit our content services page to learn more.

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