Our Core Values

How the Yak Pak’s core values guide our work

Yakkety Yak is growing fast. As we continue to expand our team and partner with new clients, we keep our core values top-of-mind in order to deliver the best content we can. Read on to learn more about our values and how they drive the work we do.

1. Communication Comes First

As a fast-growing agency with a lot of moving parts, communication is vital to everything we do. We see clear communication as key to producing and delivering quality work and managing expectations along the way.

“With all of our clients, departments, team members, third-party vendors and more, we need to make sure we’re aligned on the same goals and working with the same information to make sure everything stays on track and we’re producing great work,” says Andi Summers, account director. We uphold this standard by always being available to talk with our clients, and, internally, keeping our teammates in the loop and actively participating in discussions.

2. Deadlines Matter

With content strategy, editorial calendar management and social media scheduling among our most popular services, our deadlines are of utmost importance. “There’s nothing more soul-crushing than missing a deadline or being late with something,” says Andi.

Because content can be time-sensitive––think: media trends or promotional events––and there are optimal times to put content in front of an audience, we prioritize delivering content to our clients with time to spare. How do we keep things on track? “Clear communication, project management platforms and clear processes are vital to ensuring we’re on time for our clients and each other,” Andi explains.

3. Advocate for Your Clients

As content marketers, our goal is to not only develop winning content, but also deliver work that our clients can be proud of and excited about. We make it our mission to advocate for each client’s objectives and goals during the content development process in order to create blogs, videos and social posts that encapsulate each client’s voice and image.

“I try to keep the client’s voice, tone and message in mind when I’m reviewing content,” says Kate Heinz, a content strategist. “This helps me to advocate for my client as a brand and ensures that what we’re producing and posting aligns with who they are.”

4. Own Your Role

Every Yak strives to own their role and advocate for our success. We’re the type of individuals who step up, take the lead, share ideas and solve problems—that’s what makes us such a productive team. So, how do Yaks ensure their own success? To start, we hone our skills and specialties.

Video producer Sean Froelich values his abilities. “I’ve worked hard to develop my specialization in video,” he explains. “Being a video technician means I have a responsibility to educate my team when necessary and speak up if a video process is headed in the wrong direction.”

5. Take a Creative Approach to Client Solutions

Yaks are problem solvers, but a lot of us are also creatives! We care about thinking outside the box as we solve problems for our clients. Cat Duebler, a graphic designer, tries to identify with clients as she approaches their creative problems. “When finding a solution, I always try to view the problem from their perspective and empathize,” she says. “Then, I focus on incorporating creative ideas to visually communicate and represent their vision and values.”

As we go through our individual creative processes, we all keep voice and tone top-of-mind to create the solutions that best align with our client’s brands. “I mainly focus on how to make the client’s voice and vision into something solid and concrete,” Cat says. “It’s a trial-and-error process, but in the end, we always come up with strong and unique graphics for our clients.”

6. Transparency is Key

Transparency is inherent in Yakkety Yak’s structure as a full-service agency. We want our clients to totally understand our full suite of services and what we can accomplish for their brands. “To make sure that we were delivering on our overall expectations as we expanded to a full-service agency, transparency was the number-one initiative,” explains Ashley Logan, Yakkety Yak’s founder and CEO.

“This is so that, if we’re offering all these services, everyone understands how they work together. Plus, when we’re reporting on the benefit of something like a blog or email, a client knows what it means for their business.” It’s a huge differentiator for us that we can measure every aspect of the content marketing process.

Beyond that, we prioritize transparency in our reporting and communication, as well. It’s important for clients to know what is going on with their campaigns. “From that standpoint, we’re really honest with our clients about our capabilities, what we think we can accomplish for them and how accessible we are,” Ashley says. “If somethings not working, we’re going to be honest and then we’re going to shift directions to find what does work.”

7. Be a Pro

We work together to solve problems. Pulling in the same direction, to us, means being gracious and professional at work, and keeping sass to a minimum. Morgan Gallas, an associate content strategist, works closely with others to guide strategy throughout the content development process. “To me, being a pro means that you know every person on your team has unlimited potential in their role, and we are all here to work together to help our clients improve,” she says. “Through respect, listening and encouragement, we create an environment that makes great work possible.”

8. Sharpen the Saw

A good work/life balance is so important in the modern workplace, where constant connectivity has become a norm. Once we’ve finished our work, we Yaks kick back and take time for ourselves.

Connor Rice, a YY content editor, sees the boundary between work and time off as key to his own work/life balance. “Assuming all of my loose ends are tied up, when I leave the office for the day, I avoid trying to work ahead or checking my email,” he explains. “Being able to unplug and work on my music lets me recharge and feel fulfilled—meaning I’m ready to give it my all at YY.”

9. Original work product only

We create cool content that sets our clients apart. That means delivering original work, tailor-made to fit their brands every time, no exceptions. “We create a lot of content, so it’s all the more important to produce original, thought-provoking work,” says Heather Budimulia, a content strategist here at YY. A strong storyline, though built on the foundation of articles and sources that spark our interest, should outline an original thought. “There’s nothing wrong with learning from others,” Heather adds.

10. Our clients trust us, and we trust them

We want to build strong relationships with our clients so that we can work together to build their brands. Warren Legner, our vice president of accounts, explains that a great client-agency relationship leads to a better final product. “When an agency becomes an extension of the clients marketing team—a true partner in their business—that is when the best work can be done,” he says.

A good partnership with a client allows them to trust that we’ll add value and handle their brand with the same care that they would themselves. The only way to get there with a client is by communicating. “While the age-old ‘the customer is always right’ sounds good,” he says, “a true client/agency partnership requires real, honest communication in both directions.”

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