Yakkety Yak Core Values

How we use our company core values to guide our work for better results and happier employees

As our team at Yakkety Yak continues to grow, we make it a point to keep our core values top of mind. Having clearly defined core values helps your team feel connected to the work you do, stay focused and strive for better. And, since 46% of job seekers say company core values are important when it comes to choosing where to work, it’s beneficial for hiring a talented and motivated team as well. Here’s how our Yakkety Yak core values drive the work we do.

#1 Curious — Never complacent, our creativity is insatiable.

Being curious is about always digging deeper, asking questions and pushing creative boundaries. For every project the Yak Pak does, we ask: What is the ultimate goal? How are we getting there? Why are we doing it this way? Who is it for? Where is it going? Answering these questions helps us figure out how to make the best and most strategic decisions for our clients.

We also believe in thinking outside the box to solve our clients’ problems. We look at issues from their perspectives to better understand, approach and solve problems, and then we come up with creative ideas to communicate and represent their vision and values. While each member of the Yak Pak has their own creative process, we all keep client voice and tone consistent while we create solutions that best align with our clients’ brands. 

We also look for unique ways to get our creative juices flowing. Account Manager Bryana Holcomb, for example, believes in the power of creative brainstorming. “When we get a new project, I get the team together for a creative session that doesn’t have anything to do with work. For that hour, we flex our creative muscles. Then, we put our heads together for an epic brainstorming session. I think of this as a sort of creative palate cleanser to complement the strategic main course so that every time we dive into a new project, we come to it with new eyes and fresh ideas.”

#2 Accountable  — Our clients count on us and we count on each other.

As content marketers, our goal is not only to develop winning content but also to deliver work that our clients can be proud of and excited about. We make it our mission to advocate for our clients’ objectives and goals throughout the content development process in order to create blogs, videos and social posts that encapsulate their voice and image. This goes hand in hand with keeping ourselves and our clients accountable. 

We hold ourselves accountable too. Every member of the Yak Pak strives to own their role and contribute to our collective success. We’re the type of individuals who step up, take the lead, share ideas and solve problems—that’s what makes us such a productive team. 

So, how do Yaks ensure their own success? To start, we hone our skills and specialties and then we share our expertise with the team. Video Producer Sean Froelich uses his abilities to advocate for his vision on video projects. “I’ve worked hard to develop my specialization in video,” he explains. “Being a video technician means I have a responsibility to educate my team when necessary and speak up if a video process is headed in the wrong direction.”

#3 Authentic — We communicate with transparency and lay it all on the line.

Transparency is a top initiative in Yakkety Yak’s structure as a full-service agency. “This is so that, if we’re offering all these services, everyone understands how they work together. Plus, when we’re reporting on the benefit of something like a blog or email, a client knows what it means for their business,” explains Ashley Logan, Yakkety Yak’s founder and CEO. It’s a huge differentiator for us that we can measure every aspect of the content marketing process—and it benefits our clients as well. 

It’s important that clients know what is going on with their campaigns—from content creation to launch to reporting to making adjustments. “From that standpoint, we’re really honest with our clients about our capabilities, what we think we can accomplish for them and how accessible we are,” Ashley says. “If something’s not working, we’re going to be honest and then we’re going to shift directions to find what does work.” 

We want to nurture strong relationships with our clients so that we can work together to build their brands. Vice President of Accounts Warren Legner explains that a great client-agency relationship leads to a better final product. “When an agency becomes an extension of the client’s marketing team—a true partner in their business—that is when the best work can be done,” he says. 

A good partnership with our clients develops trust that we’ll add value and handle their brands with the same care that they would themselves. The only way to get there with a client is by communicating. “While the age-old ‘the customer is always right’ sounds good,” he says, “a true client/agency partnership requires real, honest communication in both directions.”

#4 Committed — We thrive on building something together that we could not build alone.

The Yak Pak works together to solve problems and drive results. By keeping up our lines of communication, always staying professional and fully dedicating ourselves to tasks both big and small, we show how committed we are to each other and our clients. 

How do you actively stay committed? By practicing what you preach. Content Director Andi Summers says, “Clear communication, project management platforms and clear processes are vital to ensuring we’re on time for and properly supporting our clients and each other.” 

We set ourselves up for success with the tools we need to dedicate ourselves to providing the best service we can to our clients. That way, we can follow any project—from broad strokes marketing strategy to minute content details—to the end.

#5 Kind — Respect and empathy guide all of our interactions.

At Yakkety Yak, kindness toward others guides our actions and interactions in the workplace and beyond. We believe that every one of us is worthy of empathy and respect. Our shared belief in the importance of kindness has helped us build a supportive and inclusive work culture—both virtually and in person.

According to Associate Content Strategist Maribel Leddy, “At work and in life, kindness is a strength.” But why do we view kindness as essential to business? Content Editor Heather Hobbs explains, “Treating others with kindness creates a supportive environment where everyone can ask questions, learn, grow and do their best work.” 

This addition to our values grew organically out of the team’s performance reviews—a belief shared before it officially became part of our core values. The Yak Pak understands the importance of doing good in the world, whether treating others with kindness, lifting up our community or simply coming to new tasks and situations with an open mind and heart.

Do our company core values resonate with you? If they do, reach out to us to get the marketing support your brand deserves.

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