New Year, New Brand

Why the New Year is the perfect time to take a closer look at your company branding

The look and feel or your branding is a vital element of attracting the right customers. Given that consumers will make up their minds about your company in just 10 seconds, evaluating your brand on an annual basis is a smart way to make your company more relevant and expand your reach to new audiences.

If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, it might be time to give your branding a facelift.

Does Your Brand Align with Your Company Mission?

A key rule of thumb when it comes to branding is that it should align with your organization’s current mission and overall goals. If you are a business that is less than five years old, odds are you’ve evolved tremendously since day one. Conversely, for new companies that have seen a lot of growth, it’s likely both have shifted since you launched. Don’t think rebranding means you need a total makeover. Small changes in font, color scheme and language may be all you need to keep your image fresh and relevant.

Does Your Brand Attract Your Target Audience

First, think about your target audience. Was your company messaging written to attract your ideal customers? Think about the way they interact with your organization online. If there isn’t a clear action path on your website or an easy way for them to interact with your organization, you could be losing key customers and important revenue for your business. An easy way to think about this is by looking back at growth over the last 12 months. Are you bringing in customers who align with your company mission and vision? Thinking about your target audience in more detail is a great place to start. Note: if you have questions about your target audience, download our Target Audience Worksheet here.

Are You Reaching Your Goals?

Think about whether or not your numbers increasing at a pace that serves the growth-goals of your organization. Learn from your mistakes…and from your successes! Look about the numbers, like which social media posts drove the most engagement, or the blog posts that received the most traffic. Then, make note of which items fell flat. Learning on metrics will help you shape your branding to position your business for success.

If you’re interested in rebranding, but are hesitant to DIY it, contact us at Yakkety Yak. If you haven’t noticed, we’re no strangers to nailing a brand reset. (Have you seen our snazzy new logo?) We’d love you help you find and execute your fresh, new look.

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