Our March Yak of the Month: Warren Legner

We’re shining March’s spotlight on Warren Legner, VP of accounts and “Hot Ones” enthusiast 

This month, we’re featuring yet another incredible Yakkety Yak employee, VP of Accounts Warren Legner (he/him). Here’s what goes on during his day-to-day in the office and makes him such an essential part of our team.

As VP of Accounts, Warren provides clients with the strategy, resources, content and collateral they need to successfully go to market. His suite—known as the “brain” team—includes the American Migraine Foundation, International Concussion Society, American Headache Society and more, most of which have some kind of neurological focus.

Since joining the team in February 2019, Warren has made a big impact on our company culture—bringing us closer through daily puns, Friday morning Dunkin’ doughnuts and chocolate bar tastings where he highlights the best bars’ wrappers on the wall next to his desk. 

Why is this important to him? “I think it’s important to try and find fun in any and every situation because you never know if you’ll get another one,” says Warren.

While his work in marketing and client relations is something to brag about, he extends that same passion for people and his other passions too. If he didn’t work at Yakkety Yak, Warren believes he would be a chef—because he loves cooking, eating and bringing people together, much like how he unites our team and our clients. 

Along with hard work, Warren always brings a positive attitude to the table and his personal mantra, “Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee, so make sure to enjoy today,” contributes to a friendly and proactive atmosphere.

How did we make things more fun for Warren in his employee of the month video? Find out by watching him sweat in our vlog. 

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