Leaning on Social Influencers

The new age strategy for increasing reach by engaging social influencers

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Time and time again we hear that direct advertising doesn’t work on millennials and marketing to this generation is a considerable challenge. With trillions of dollars in buying power, this age group has marketers on the edge of their seats, flipping through strategies to infiltrate this broad and vast audience. So what are the top marketers doing to get through to millennials? Social media marketers are using the devices that a majority of the population checks every 6 minutes, your mobile phones, and placing brands in front of them through the figures consumers trust, social influencers.

The lesson? Buying billboard, radio ads and big ticket sponsorship is out. Instead, buying posts on social media from influential users with a sizable following is in.

Tackling Social Influencer Marketing

A social influencer is defined by three key terms, relevance, resonance, and reach. When determining who might be a good fit to market your brand, you will want to consider these three terms in the order mentioned. Look for social influencers that cater to your target audience, then convert them into brand advocates.

First, think of “relevance” when looking for influencers who have not yet used your brand. Find the individuals who create content or share other’s content on topics relevant to your brand and deliver a similar message to yours. These are the people who will advocate for your brand, and thus, influence their audience to buy or endorse your product or service.

Next, look for “resonance.” With whom does the influencer interact on social media? Confirm that the influencer is engaging with an audience that fits your target market and see that this audience is engaging with the content the influencer is sharing through likes, comments, shares. This ensures that the influencer will not only be willing to share your brand and content, but also reach and draw engagement from the right audience.

Lastly, you want to look at reach. Why is reach the least important? As we have explained, finding a social influencer is much more than searching for the winner of a popularity contest. Although having a wide reach to the appropriate audience is important, it’s best to cover your bases with relevance and resonance first. Reach is important though, as it determines how vast the audience is that will gain exposure to your brand. With relevance and resonance in place, the more reach your influencer has, the more value they will be able to bring to your business.

With a little research on social media sites, google searches, and helpful third-party tools like Klout, you’ll be able to assemble a list of ideal influential advocates. Begin to connect with these individuals by engaging with their social media accounts and blogs. Comment on their posts, tag them in interesting pieces that you find, and share their content with your audience. Let them see that the relationship you’re initiating is a value-add to the both of you and each of your brands. The rest will be history. 

Note: While there might be a cost to promoting your brand or your original content, it will be worth it. Expect to spend from $10 – $100 per mention on social media. Many influencers offer packages, so take advantage of volume discounts available.

For more details on how to find social influencers for your brand and how to lean on them for your future marketing practices, contact us.

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