Lead Nurturing: The New Age of Marketing

Lead Nurturing: The New Age of Marketing

by Team Yakkety Yak October 09, 2018

What it is, how it works and why you need to create a strategy for your brand today

These days, you can’t lounge like Don Draper with your feet up on the desk and expect the marketing to do itself. As alluring as it sounds, modern marketing is more direct than the days of Mad Men advertising. “Consumers are smarter and more connected than ever before,” says Andi Summers, Yakkety Yak Digital Marketing Manager. “Instead of spending their money or dedicating their time to just any brand, it is important to provide them with the knowledge and background about you and your products,” she explains. “That way, you can make sure they feel safe, secure, educated and empowered when it comes time to decide.” That’s where nurture marketing, or lead nurturing, comes in.

What is Nurture Marketing?

Nurture marketing is the process of developing relationships with consumers and guiding them through the sales funnel. (Need a refresher? Here’s how to build a successful sales funnel.) Andi explains that fostering relationships with your consumers is important “so they feel comfortable making their next purchase from your brand, and so you stay top of mind.”

Why You Should Nurture Your Leads

“We all have a friend who only reaches out if they need something,” says Andi. “Do you want to connect with your audience only when you’re looking to improve your bottom line or push a new product? As a brand, you want to be a better friend than that.”

Nurturing leads with relevant content they’re interested in and can engage with on a regular basis is the key to nurture marketing. “You want to be there for them at all times,” Andi explains. “Provide them with facts, fun stories, interesting information or, hey, a great deal! By doing so, you’re building confidence in your brand. They’ll know they should turn to you if they need something.”

By establishing a relationship with your customers, you show them that you’re more than just the products or services you offer—you actually care about their needs and interests! You prove that you’re a company they can rely on. In turn, you get a lifelong follower, their support and their referrals. “Lead nurturing is a way for brands to continue to build relationships with past and potential customers to help make that next purchase or service request an easier, more natural decision,” says Andi.

When to Start

Lead nurturing starts from the first point of contact. If you get a lead’s contact information, add them to your email newsletter list. Include a personalized greeting, and thank them for reaching out to you, whether that was by submitting a form or attending an event of yours. This will show that you value their relationship and it provides you the opportunity to convert a lead into a customer. They can always unsubscribe if they decide they’re no longer interested.

If you receive a comment from someone on social media, be prompt and respond to their question quickly. Provide them with as much information as you can in the comments, guide them to additional resources on your website (only if relevant!) and invite them to follow up with a phone call or personal email.

When it comes to nurture marketing, think of the Golden Rule (yes, the one you heard in kindergarten about how to behave during circle time): Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you expect quality customer service from the brands you support, give that same attention and care to your leads.

Want more information about lead nurturing? Head over to our blog and browse the Inbound Marketing section. Then contact us to learn even more! We’d love to create an effective content strategy for you that attracts brand-new leads.

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