Use Live Video to Connect with Your Audience

Live video is making waves as a new marketing tool for businesses to connect with their audiences right through their screens. Consumers connect with live streaming because it feeds human instinct to be curious and to want to be part of an exclusive community.

Here are four ways that live video can fit into your marketing strategy.

1. Engage your audience at live events

If your business is hosting an event, it’s likely that not everyone in your audience could make it. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about what’s going on. Going live at an event can bridge that physical distance and let your followers engage and witness the moment in real time. Involve the viewers in the experience by showing them what they want to see, interviewing who they want you to talk to and responding to their comments when you can.

Tip: While you want the live stream to be an authentic look at the event, remember to capture the key part of the event. Whether it’s a guest speaker, the reveal of a new product or an important announcement, be sure not to miss the big “wow”-moment since that’s likely what most viewers are tuning in for.

2. Interview your team

Your audience will feel closer to your business if you make it seem like you’re more than just a business. Humanize your company by showing your audience the people who work there, what they’re up to and how likeable they are. Show off internal team bonding or traditions, interview your employees–if possible take questions from the audience–or host a discussion with your employees about something relevant to your industry.

3. Take your audience behind the scenes

Everyone likes feeling as if they’re part of an inner circle, so take advantage of that by showing them some exclusive content. Show your audience what a whiteboarding session looks like or how you craft your product. Show them what they could expect if they hired you to make a video for them. Have an “expert” take the reins and make sure you showcase your company’s people, culture and smarts more than you do your services.

Tip: if you can’t feature work in your live video for privacy reasons, consider acting one out or doing a spoof so your audience gets an idea of your process while having some laughs along the way.

4. Answer your audience’s questions

Content marketing is about helping people stay educated and informed while building trust and credibility. What better way to do that than by providing expert help? Set up a live Q&A about a certain topic answering questions submitted beforehand or during the video. This is a great chance to engage your audience members by name – “Here’s a great question from Joe” – and show them you know what you’re talking about.

Tip: Q&A live videos can be scheduled weekly or monthly, giving audience members a sense of what to look forward to and keeping your content consistent.

Live videos are also a great avenue to engage your audience across different social platforms and drive them to your Facebook, Instagram or wherever you’re hosting your live video. Use a hashtag when you advertise your upcoming live video across platforms, connecting people wherever they engage with you.

Yakkety Yak can help you develop a live video strategy that works hand in hand with your existing marketing outreach. Let’s YAK! We’re always looking to use the newest tools to attract customers and dedicated advocates to your business.

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