4 Reasons to Break Up with Your Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons to Break Up with Your Marketing Strategy

by Team Yakkety Yak May 23, 2018

If it’s not bringing home the leads and making good conversation…

Let’s be real: Breaking up is the worst. But while it can be messy and devastating at first, a few months down the line you’ll get over the sunk cost and be grateful that you did it. That “a-ha” moment comes when you find something better or when 20/20 hindsight alerts you to red flags you wish you saw earlier. This is all true of both partners and marketing strategies. Before you rush out of or into anything too hastily, here are the four signs that it’s time to break up with your marketing strategy.

Email Lists aren’t Growing

Email marketing is an important tool in your arsenal and can push readers along the consumer journey with high-quality content and more. But the true value of email depends on the quality and size of your list. A significant part of your strategy should be dedicated to gathering new leads and nurturing them through thoughtful campaigns. It takes you the same amount of time to craft an email going out to millions of eyes as it does for an email going to thousands, so why not send an email to millions?

Website Metrics aren’t Changing

Your website is the face of your business and should always be up to date and attracting new visitors and old customers. Keep an eye on both your organic web traffic and referral traffic so you know what’s working for your audience and what to keep doing more of. If your numbers are stagnating, you know what to be doing less of. Doubling down on an ineffective marketing strategy can actually hurt you by turning existing clients and potential leads off your brand. Take the time to reassess your strategy and if it’s beyond tweaking, it could be time to let it go.

Audience isn’t More Engaged

Think of everything you put out on the internet as a conversation starter, whether it’s an icebreaker or you’re picking up where you left off. If no one is liking, commenting, sharing or otherwise engaging with your posts, you’re missing countless opportunities for your message to go beyond the screen. If people are falling off your brand wagon or your strategy isn’t adapting to the changing algorithms and social landscape, it’s time to regroup and come back stronger.

Revenue isn’t Improving

The biggest mistake that companies make is thinking that marketing should be separate from sales. In fact, the two should talk and influence each other so your marketing dollars are doing the most for your business. Don’t just think about how much it’s costing you to drive traffic to your website, but also consider whether you’re attracting people who are interested and able to purchase your goods and services. Crunching numbers like cost per lead or cost per click will help you determine whether you’re paying too much and getting too little.

If your strategy isn’t generating leads, creating buzz or turning browsers into buyers, it’s time to pivot. Inbound content marketing creates valuable content that attracts qualified leads and empowers people throughout the journey so they become customers for life. If that sounds like the marketing you were missing, take a plunge and contact us today.

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