Do You Need a Brand Refresh?

You don’t always need a complete brand overhaul to rev up your look. Sometimes a few tweaks is all you need.

The prospect of updating a brand is usually met with some justified trepidation. In a world where brand recognition is everything, switching things up seems pretty counterintuitive. Still, allowing your branding to go stale is just as risky as making changes. If only there was a way you could maintain the general look and feel of your brand, while still embracing some hip modifications — oh wait, you totally can, through a little process known as a brand refresh.

We’ve talked about rebranding before. It pretty much requires you to scrap your old branding and start from scratch. That can be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re not totally dissatisfied with your branding as is. A brand refresh only calls for the minor tweaks that can strengthen your existing brand, so your business can remain relevant in its industry.

Evaluating the relevancy of your current branding is the first step to determining whether a brand refresh is right for you. Look to see what others in your industry are doing, and assess where your brand falls in line. Then, perform a full audit of all your marketing materials, both print and digital. Do your logos, typefaces and colors all look consistent with your brand guidelines? What about your language? Remember that an established voice and tone also play a key role in building a relationship with your audience. Finally, take a look at your mission, values and target audience. If you feel that those have changed over the years, you may want to consider a rebrand. If they still resonate with your organization, then a refresh is going to be your best move.

When it comes to refreshing your brand, don’t underestimate the value of small changes. Look to your brand guidelines to figure out where you can make impactful adjustments. Consider updating your logo, revising your font library or adding to your color specifications. It might not sound that significant, but research has found that font choices can affect how people perceive your brand’s personality. Even the proper use of color can increase brand recognition by 80 percent.

If you want to update your verbal communications, consider how your current key messaging is performing. Maybe it seems like fun, punchier language is getting a stronger response from your key stakeholders, or perhaps they’re into something a little more refined and official. Figure out what is doing well, and find ways to move your written copy in that direction.

To take on a brand refresh, you’ll need to do some research, self-evaluation and planning. It may take a while, but it’ll be worth it when your fresh new look starts attracting new leads. And if you need some extra help along the way, contact Yakkety Yak. We’re a one-stop shop for all of your visual and written brand strategy needs.

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