Crediting Your Sources on Social Media

How to give credit where credit is due

Nowadays, it’s just as important to curate content as it is to create it. Sharing and repurposing content from influencers not only highlights awareness of the local scene and digital front, but also makes your feed look visually interesting without having a professional photographer on-staff. (We do, however, recommend everyone read our four tips for taking bomb photographs.)

Curating might come off as downright copying if not done correctly. When done right, resharing photography from influencers could increase your brand’s exposure, strengthen your engagement and make your social channels stand out.

3 Examples of Sharing Done Right

1. Related Organizations Supporting Each Other Online

Yakkety Yak creates shareable educational resources for the following sister organizations: the American Migraine Foundation and the American Headache Society. While AMF is more patient facing, AHS is more doctor facing; however, there is plenty of content that is applicable to both audiences. We consistently share AMF content on AHS social media and vice versa to double our exposure and make sure that each brand’s followers are aware of reliable medical sources that could serve their present or future needs.

2. Tap into the Mom Network

If you ever fall down the rabbit hole of #momlife, you’ll know that there are thousands of mommy bloggers and millions of blog posts and photos. Our client Ashland Women’s Health provides moms with insurance-covered breast pumps, and their Bumpy Road Blog is home to breastfeeding and parenting information for women at all stages of motherhood. To keep our audience engaged with our content, we’re on 24/7 Chrissy Teigen watch and frequently resharing posts from moms that our audience can relate to.

3. Play the Local Angle with Breathtaking Chicago Scenes

We’re proud to be a Chicago-based company and proudly rep our love for ketchup-less dogs and the Second City. Demonstrating our connection to the city we love so dearly is more important now that we’ve launched Yakkety Yak Gives Back to benefit a local nonprofit. The Yak Pack is sure to share content from local festivals and mention eateries that we love on our social media accounts. (Plus, it never hurts to give props to amazing photographers and local artists.)

Resharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

If sharing a post on Instagram, use the Repost app to easily republish someone else’s photo on your own account. The app will copy the photo, automatically generate a statement about where the photo was reposted from and allow you to paste the original caption.

Pro tip: It’s good practice to tag the original account in the picture as well. If you get on the influencer’s radar and he or she comments on your photo, it could boost your engagement and make your brand look even more relevant.

Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter is easy with the share and retweet functions. If you don’t want any trace of the original written content associated with the picture, it’s possible to download the imagery and reupload it with your own text. However, it’s important to write, “Photo by” and tag the brand or news agency that took the picture. Not enough characters for that on Twitter? A camera emoji in front of the tag or photo credit will suffice.

If you’re using Pinterest to cultivate boards and collections for your followers, giving credit is built into the system. However, if you’re uploading content yourself from a site other than your own, it’s important to make sure the source URL links back to the original site. It never hurts to also give the source credit in the caption as well to build good relationships and encourage other people to credit you when they share your work.

Social media etiquette is vital to maintaining good relations and being a respected brand. For more information about what citing looks like on multiple platforms, read this article from Hubspot. To have a conversation with us about all things social media, contact us today. We can’t wait to speak with you.

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