Creating Visual Brand Standards

How to brand your blog content and social media with visuals

Written content isn’t the only way for your brand to tell its story. Incorporating visual elements is known to increase engagement, whether used on a website, in social media or blogs. But in order for a brand to build visual recognition, it has to abide by consistent guidelines and standards. And we’ve got the scoop.

3 Ways to create visual brand standards

  1. Set Guidelines. First, establish brand guidelines, including colors, logo placement, font and image selection. Setting a standard for the look and feel of your visual content will help your brand tell a more consistent story—which includes your social media profile pictures and cover images. The goal is that your target audience will immediately recognize your company based on the images, which will not only improve engagement, but reduce time in producing the visual elements.
  1. Create Design Themes. While having brand guidelines is extremely important, leave enough room for innovation. Logo placement and colors will keep the content grounded, while still allowing your team to think outside of the box. If you create three or four different themes, you can keep the content consistent, but it can still have that creative edge. That way, when your audience scrolls through social media or stumbles upon something you’ve published, they will recognize your company brand and its messaging—but not get bored with the content.
  1. Post Consistently. In order to tell a visual story so that your audience can identify your visuals, you have to consistently use images to communicate with your target audience. If you’re posting specific content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, your audience and fans will expect to see your postings as promised. Don’t let them down—the benefit will be that you gain increased exposure to your target audience.

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