Canva 101: Social Graphics Made Simple

Our guide to Canva, an easy to use design tool for marketers

Graphics are such an important part of digital marketing. While they’re king on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, graphic images are also able to garner more attention on sites like Facebook and Twitter than plain old text posts can. In addition to being great attention-grabbers, well-designed graphics can differentiate your brand from the competition and make it look more professional. 

Many marketers have a graphic designer to develop new graphics to go along with their social posts and web content, which is super handy. But what do you do if you don’t have a designer in reach, or just need a last-minute graphic to share to Instagram? If you aren’t a pro with Adobe Creative Cloud, don’t fret—Canva might just be the tool for you!

Canva has a full suite of design features, easy-to-use templates and a library containing millions of free photos and graphics. It’s a powerful, user-friendly platform that professionals can use to build their brand. 

Create Branded Graphics and Collateral Pieces

In just a few steps, you can create a solid design for the web or social media. All you have to do is start a new project and choose a template, or drag an image or photo from the elements tab to your graphic and add text. The text tab also features numerous options, offering prefab typographical designs and text sizing options.

Other cool Canva features include a font combination tool that helps you find the perfect font pairing for your project, plus in-app storage and the ability to save brand color palettes and logos. Saving the visual elements of your brand guidelines to your account will allow your team to design consistent collateral pieces seamlessly.

Screenshot of with a branded graphic.

Utilize Templates for Design Inspiration

Canva has a template for just about everything. From book covers and banners to presentations and social media posts, they have options for every occasion and aesthetic. Browse social media templates to find options for every platform’s dimension. 

Screenshot of showing a branded template.

You can even create your own brand templates and make them available to your entire team. To do this, create a design, publish it, select the template option, select the team templates folder and click “Publish Template.” From there, your team members can simply drop in copy and share on a social platform.

Access an Extensive Photo Gallery

A good stock photo library is a must-have for creating graphics. With millions of free and premium stock photos, there are images for just about every occasion or niche you can think of. Some of Canva’s stock photo categories include buildings and landmarks, people and sports. 

Canva also gives you the option to upload your own images and photos, which will come in handy for web and social templates. Just design your template, go to the uploads tab, click the “Upload an Image” button, select the images you want to upload, and voilà! Your images will be available for all future designs.

Screenshot of showing a photo gallery.

Collaborate with Your Team

Canva makes it easy to collaborate with every member of your team, from designers to copywriters. All you need to do to share your design is give someone the link. You can also click on “Share” in the app’s top right-hand corner and select the team members you want to share your project with. Let your collaborators view the final product and leave comments and suggestions, or select “can edit” in the share menu to let them make visual adjustments or drop in copy as needed.

Screenshot of showing share setting available in the site.

The best thing about Canva is the intuitive nature of the platform. Designed for beginner and intermediate designers, anyone can get the hang of making stylish graphics if they just dive into the tool. For a deeper (and more visual) look at designing with Canva, check out our YouTube tutorial, where we walk through the basics of designing your own images:

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