Breaking Down a Promotional Video

Breaking Down a Promotional Video

by Team Yakkety Yak May 28, 2019

The three things every good promotional video needs

We’ve said it before: video is the future of content marketing and should be included in every digital marketing strategy. Video content has been dominating social platforms for a while now and has a proven track record of driving engagement and revenue when done correctly. A good promotional video can do a lot for your brand: introduce people to your company, explore industry-relevant topics, demonstrate how a product or service works and share client testimonials.

In spite of all the benefits of video content, many brands are still hesitant to jump into production. But don’t worry––you don’t have to be a pro to shoot a great-looking video. Read on to learn the three keys to making a successful and engaging promo video.

1. Achieve a Specific Goal

Know what you’re trying to achieve with your video before you get started. You may want to increase brand awareness, drive sales or generate hype for a new product or service, and each of these goals will require a different type of video.

As you start planning out the creative and production timelines, consider the different types of marketing videos and which will best serve your needs. Don’t forget to align with your production team to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the goals and content of the video before you get started.

2. Offer Useful Information

A good promo video is content-rich and packed with relevant information. Make sure your video offers viewers useful information that they can take away with them. It’s OK to ad lib, but make sure you stay on-topic by outlining your most important points and examples before you start shooting.

Your goals should clearly align with the information you choose to mention in your video. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, be sure to include key messaging about your brand, such as your mission statement and the services you offer. If you want to promote a new product, explain the features and functions that make your product stand out among competitors.

3. Engage Viewers

During the storyboarding process, you’ll bring your vision to life, determining what shots, visuals and transitions you’ll need for your video. Make sure you keep viewer engagement top-of-mind during this process; because you’re delivering your message by video, you’ll want to take advantage of visual and audio components to grab viewers’ attention.

Think about how you can engage your audience from the very start by incorporating a preview of what’s to come or writing a killer intro that pulls viewers in. Be aminated and enthusiastic in your delivery, and use images and infographics to explain abstract topics.

Our production team put together a vlog on making great promo videos. Check it out here:

We do a lot of video production to support our client’s brands at Yakkety Yak. Need help getting started on a promotional video? Contact us and see how we can help!

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