What’s Up With Pinterest?

by Team Yakkety Yak November 21, 2014

Understanding Pinterest’s new privacy policy We’ve written about the importance of advertising in social media, especially when it comes to promoting content for a more targeted audience. We’ve seen Facebook and their custom audiences, Twitter and their promoted tweets, Instagram and their sponsored images. But now, we welcome another social media maven to the mix: Pinterest. …

The Editorial Calendar

by Team Yakkety Yak November 18, 2014

Yakkety Yak tips on writing an editorial calendar for your company blog.  One of the biggest objections we hear for putting together a company blog is figuring out what to write about. At Yakkety Yak, we use an editorial calendar to help brainstorm topics and establish a posting schedule. That’s right, there is even a …

Building an Audience on Social Media

by Team Yakkety Yak November 13, 2014

How to reach consumers when building an audience on social media Building an audience on social media is about finding a clear balance between being overly promotional with your brand and connecting with your audience on an emotional level. Every status update, tweet and post needs to have value if you expect any sort of …

Brand Storytelling 101

by Team Yakkety Yak November 11, 2014

How to use infographics, photos, videos and gifs to tell your brand’s story This is brand storytelling 101. A well-branded story will convey emotion, connect your customers to a unique point-of-view and ultimately result in a long term business relationship. A great brand story will set you apart from competitors, produce deep and rich experiences, leave …

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How to Make Your Business SEO Friendly

by Team Yakkety Yak November 04, 2014

Why it’s important to make your website and business SEO friendly Mastering SEO is just as important as hiring the right people for your marketing team. It generates leads, brings new visitors to your website and makes a website or company blog post show up in search engine results. In our last post, we discussed in …

Why SEO is Important

by Team Yakkety Yak October 27, 2014

Why SEO is important for making sure businesses are found in internet searches. Searching for goods and services on the internet is the new normal. Rarely will people review any listings beyond the first page of a Google result, which is why SEO is important. So, if you’re one of the “Best Coffee Shops in …

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