The Recipe for Better Content Engagement

by Team Yakkety Yak February 04, 2015

Content, Social Media and SEO have to all work together for better content engagement. Content marketing, social media and SEO all work together to promote your content and provide relevant information to your audience. Successfully garnering results through search engines isn’t solely about keywords or meta descriptions anymore—it’s about producing great content and getting the …

Data, Analytics and Content Goals

by Team Yakkety Yak January 20, 2015

How content data should impact overall content goals The best part about digital marketing is the ability to track results through data. Analytics tools are evolving daily to track your content activity, from Google Analytics to Sprout Social, Facebook insights, Twitter data and more. This information provides information on your audience, including how they engage with …

Online Dating for Marketers?

by Team Yakkety Yak January 13, 2015

What happens when you liken your marketing strategy to Tinder  One wouldn’t think that there are any similarities between online dating and marketing, but as it turns out, they are many. Particularly as it relates to Tinder, the online dating app known for its “swipe left, swipe right” mechanism that allows users to sift through …

Content Marketing in 2015

by Team Yakkety Yak January 07, 2015

Content Marketing Goals For The New Year The New Year is underway and it’s time to refresh and renew your content marketing goals for 2015. Why? Because the possibilities to reach a new audience is endless. From promotional videos to integrating more content into LinkedIn, we put together a list of content goals that can be …

Understanding Instagram

by Team Yakkety Yak December 23, 2014

How Instagram is changing the way we view photos. Since launching four years ago, Instagram has transformed how we interact with photos on the internet. By creating a platform solely for sharing experiences, products and moments in time, Instagram connects the world through images. And recently, this visual network transformed from a simple photo sharing network into a growing visual …

The Difference Between SEM, SEO and PPC

by Team Yakkety Yak December 16, 2014

Many people approach SEM, SEO and PPC as one entity. Turns out, they are very different.  The beauty of an internet search is that whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s the location of a new restaurant or a vintage furniture shop in Los Angeles, the internet will provide you with answers—and likely more than one. These answers show …

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