Visual Branding Guide

Everything you need to quickstart a cohesive visual brand

When it comes time to set up your business online, one of the most important first steps is to develop a visual brand. Paired with an effective content marketing and social media marketing strategy, your dedication to putting your business online will significantly pay off. An aligned visual strategy can create aesthetic appeal on certain visual-based social media platforms and provide an experience for website visitors, but when you’re just getting started, assistance may be necessary to decide what you need, how to define it, and how to implement this new visual brand strategy.

Below we outline the key items to consider for a visual brand with a free downloadable visual branding guide to gather inspiration:


The logo is the face of the brand. It contains the key elements detailed below, as well as the style and tone of the business. Having a well-designed logo can speak volumes for the visual appeal of the brand, as it represents the business’s brand identity and helps consumers and users recognize your brand from the others. To get started, create a quick logo with this logo-generator tool.


Picking colors may be more important than the logo. Color drives human evolution. When we see colors, we have an emotional response due to a chemical reaction in our brain. Imagine what the right or wrong colors can do to an end-user when they’re first introduced to your brand. Finding the right colors that work well together can be difficult if you’re not design-inclined. This resource is a fun and functional way to find colors that work well for you and work well together.


Typography is all about the way your text appears on a page. Not only does typography consist of selecting the right typeface, text size, and appearance, but it also includes the whitespace between text, line spacing, and much more. Typography plays an important role in the look and feel of your brand. The benefits of great typography is that it draws people in, keeps them reading and guides the readers along.

Shared Graphics

The graphics used in branding, whether on social media, on a blog, or the homepage of a website, tells a story about the business. It’s important to determine what you want your images to portray before uploading ones that are misaligned with the brand. Stock images can especially be a danger zone; however, there are some good options of stock photography on the web. Taking your own photos is also an option. No matter what you do, have a strategy and stay consistent with it. This will keep visuals cohesive and appealing.

Overall, a brand should tell the story of the business in an aesthetically appealing way. Use the tools provided along with our visual brand guide to jumpstart your online brand. If you need a little extra help, contact Yakkety Yak. We have a team of talented designers on staff, and we love to bring a business’s story full-circle in a visual way.

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