3 Free Tools for Measuring Your Content Performance

3 Free Tools for Measuring Your Content Performance

by Team Yakkety Yak June 13, 2018

Because content analytics tools don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

It’s no secret – measuring the performance of your content is critical to creating a successful marketing plan. Because of that, crafty salespeople will try to convince you it should cost a ridiculous amount of money, in order to make a quick buck. We’re here to pull the plug on that notion because while there are some advanced tools out there that are worth their hefty price tag, all your basic analytics needs can be taken care of for free.

Our analytics team has three go-to tools when it comes to measuring our metrics, and we’re going to share them with you today. These tools will help inform your broader marketing strategy, making it easier to set viable goals and track your successes. Using them together regularly will give your content strategy a boost, pushing your brand in the right direction.

1. Google Analytics

Google is a huge player in the digital marketing game, so it makes sense that their free service, Google Analytics, is a content measurement powerhouse. With Google Analytics, you can see who exactly is coming to your site, how they got there, where they’re going once there and so much more. You can even set and track visit duration, URL destination and event goals. It can be a bit tricky to use at first, but luckily they also offer free, beginner-friendly courses and a qualification exam that will get you proficient in their service in no time.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free service offered by the search engine giant. With Search Console, you can monitor and maintain your web presence in Google search results. With a bit of extrapolation, it can also help guide your content strategy. By analyzing the pages that appear most frequently in search results, and the keywords that people are searching to find them, you can identify different content opportunities. You can also analyze how people are entering (or not entering) your site and use that information to assess what content needs to be written, updated and expanded on.

3. Facebook Insights

Facebook ads allow content marketers to integrate paid ads into their strategy effectively and inexpensively, and Facebook makes measuring their performance free and easy. Simply hit the insights tab on your organization’s page, and scan for the key metrics. Analyze your reach vs. engagement, cost per results, clicks and click-through rates. Calculate your ROI by dividing revenue generated by total ad spend. It takes a little digging, but eventually, it will help you determine an ad strategy that works best for you.

These tools will have you churning out detailed monthly reports in no time. And if you need someone to help you crunch the numbers and dig into what they mean, let’s yak! Our analytics team can help you make data-driven decisions so you never leave money on the table or miss opportunities to attract new business.

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